Can I submit my self-published book or ebook for the Arthur C. Clarke Award?

All books for the Arthur C. Clarke Award are submitted by the publishers. If you are your own publisher, we recommend that you carefully review supporting partners. Those tickets we have left are sold through the website. As they sell quickly, we highly recommend following our official Twitter feed and signing up to our email list to know when they become available.

I’ve heard there’s a waiting list for tickets, how do I sign up?

There’s no official “waiting list”. However, as the attendees RSVP, occasionally seats do become available. The best way to learn about this is through the web site or through our official Twitter account. As these tickets go very quickly, we recommend the latter.

I have a ticket to the Awards Ceremony! Can I bring my partner, child, friend or pooka?

We’re afraid not. Our venue has a fixed amount of seating and all of our tickets are spoken for. If your partner, child or friend has a ticket of their own, they’re more than welcome. Your pooka is always welcome, provided that it doesn’t make a mess on the carpet.

When will the shortlist be announced?

At this time, there’s no fixed date for the annual announcement of the shortlist. However, we give advance warning to media and bloggers, so you probably know when the shortlist is imminent. If you are a journalist or science fiction blogger and interested in being on our mailing list, please register with us here.

I’m interested in helping out with the Clarke Award, what can I do?

There are a lot of ways that you can help out. As we’re a non-profit organisation fully funded by our supporters and partners, we always appreciate any donations you may have of time or money. If you’re a blogger, a great way to help is to review the shortlisted books – ┬áspread the word about great science fiction to your readers. See our Support section for other suggested ways of helping out. And if you’re a brand, museum or organisation looking for a good cause or partner, please drop us a line and we’ll be in touch with you right away.

How are the judges selected?

In a word, “carefully”. We’re grateful to our partners for helping us reach out to some of the most respected names in science fiction. Our judges each serve for two years. In the past, our judges have included authors Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Geoff Ryman, Pat Cadigan and Lisa Tuttle, as well as experts from the Science Fiction Foundation, the Science Museum and the British Science Fiction Association.