2011 Shortlist

Lauren Beukes, Ian McDonald, Patrick Ness, Richard Powers, Tim Powers and Tricia Sullivan are the six authors shortlisted for this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award, the UK’s premier prize for science fiction literature.

The six shortlisted books for the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award are:

  • Zoo City – Lauren Beukes (Angry Robot)
  • The Dervish House – Ian McDonald (Gollancz)
  • Monsters of Men – Patrick Ness (Walker Books)
  • Generosity – Richard Powers (Atlantic Books)
  • Declare – Tim Powers (Corvus)
  • Lightborn – Tricia Sullivan (Orbit)
  • This year’s six shortlisted titles were selected from a long list of fifty-four eligible submissions put forward by twenty-two different publishing houses and imprints.

    Award Director Tom Hunter said:

    “The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Arthur C. Clarke Award was always going to be a landmark year, and we couldn’t have asked for a more fascinating and exciting shortlist to get the celebrations started.
    Fifty-four eligible books is one of the highest submission years we’ve ever had, and when you look at all of the reviews, debate and online commentary that’s surrounded many of these titles you can see just how hard the judges’ deliberations were this year.
    For me this list is a great indication of just how deep, rich and complex the literature of science fiction can be. I think this list is a definite keeper, as they say, and my hope is that twenty-five years from now people will still be coming back to it as a representation of everything that’s best about the diversity and strength of our genre.”

    Tricia Sullivan is the previous winner of the 1999 Arthur C. Clarke award for Dreaming in Smoke and was also nominated in 2004 for Maul. Although this is Richard Powers’ first nomination for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Generosity has already collected the National Book Award. Similarly, Patrick Ness’ Monsters of Men has also been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. This is Ian McDonald’s fourth nomination for the Arthur C. Clarke Award and he is a three-time winner of the British Science Fiction Association Award for best novel. One of those wins came earlier this year, for The Dervish House.