Submissions Policy

The Arthur C. Clarke Award is given for the best science fiction novel first published in the United Kingdom during the previous year.

The award is now open for submissions for the year 2016, and the deadline for receipt of submissions is 30th November 2016.

Publishers interested in submitting are invited to contact us to to express interest. Please let us know the title(s) you would like to submit and your full contact details and we will send out a submission form and postal information for our judging panel.

The rules for submissions are as follows:

Eligibility: A science fiction novel receiving its first United Kingdom publication during the calendar year 2016.

The prize is open to any full-length novel, written in English by an author of any nationality, provided that the novel is published for the first time in the United Kingdom between 1 January and 31 December of the year before the prize is awarded.

Although the novel’s first UK publication must fall within these dates, it is still eligible if it was previously published in other territories or has been translated into English for the first time in the judging year.

A title must be actively submitted by its UK publisher for it to be considered eligible.

We encourage publishers to submit books from across the range of science fiction genre publishing. These must be unified and substantial works; books of short stories and novellas are not eligible.

Independent Author Submissions: From 2016 the Arthur C. Clarke Award is open to submissions from authors publishing their work independently. Here we categorize independently publishing authors as a UK publishing company in their own right and they must be either UK citizens or resident in the UK to be eligible.

Digital Only Submissions: Where physical copies of books are available (including print on demand) we will require that these be submitted rather than digital copies. Where a title only exists as a digital edition or is released in the year of current eligibility as a digital-first title with print editions coming in a different year, we will accept submissions in digital format.

Digital editions must be completed titles supplied in formats compatible with ereader devices and either DRM free or a copy provided for each judge. PDF and similar formats that require conversion will not be accepted.

This rule is primarily designed for submissions from digital-first and digital title only publishers and typically does not cover non-standard digital publications e.g. standalone apps or similar projects. However we are aware that digital publishing is a relatively new and fast-moving field and invite publishers to get in touch to discuss the eligibility of individual digital titles prior to submission.

Judging Decisions: The judges may request the award’s administrators to call in books that have not been submitted as part of the call for submissions process. Books must still be actively submitted by their publisher to be considered as eligible.

Likewise, the judges retain the right to decline a title should they deem it inappropriate for the award. In this instance no fee will be levied, or fees will be refunded, unless the publisher has submitted multiple titles where others are still considered eligible.

The decisions of the award’s administrative committee in support of the judging panel are final.

Entry Fee: The award charges a fixed rate of £100.00 for one or more submissions. This entry fee is chargeable for submissions from each individual imprint, not parent publishing companies.

Marketing Levy: A promotional levy of £500 per shortlisted title will be requested from each publisher. This is to cover the costs of the project management, design, print & distribution of the official Prize POS material to participating retailers as well as online promotion via digital advertising channels.

Where a marketing levy might prove a barrier to entry for smaller presses, we are open to discussing alternative equivalent plans for promotion providing these discussions occur on point of submission, not shortlisting. The Arthur C. Clarke Award makes no revenue from any marketing levies and all funds are directed towards the promotion of shortlisted titles.

Deadline: All novels must be received by no later than 30th November 2016.

For all further queries please contact Award Director, Tom Hunter.