2011 Award Ceremony

The 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award was presented on Wednesday, 27 April at a ceremony held at SCI-FI LONDON. The event took place in the Apollo Theatre, in Piccadilly, and was attended by over 150 of science fiction’s brightest luminaries.

Three-time recipient China Miéville presented the award to Lauren Beukes for Zoo City, her tale of an alternate South Africa. Upon accepting the award, Ms. Beukes initially joked that she “had a speech prepared, which was, ‘Curse you, McDonald!’. She later shared that it was a “very special day – the 17th anniversary of democratic South Africa”.

Ms. Beukes memorably attended the ceremony in a fake-fur sloth shawl, created for the event by artist Rhoda Rutherford. The shawl was inspired by Sloth, Zinzi December’s companion in Zoo City.